Grooming Tools
By Cyndi Varner


Pick the right grooming tool for your dog

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Grooming Tools


Pin brush - The pin brush is a very important grooming tool. It allows you to brush long hair without cutting the hair or pulling a lot of the good hair out.

Slicker brush - The slicker brush is useful in its own way. It pulls out undercoat quite well and it is also useful at getting out mats, but it will cut some hair and can split ends. Not To Be Used On Show Dogs.

Soft bristle brush - Great for short haired breeds. Shirt haired dogs need to be brushed too. It pulls off loose hairs, dead skin, dust, and also increases blood circulation for hair growth and new skin cells.


Wide tooth comb - For thick coated breeds (i.e. Cocker Spaniels). Good for pre combing and breaking up tangles the brush might have missed.

Straight combination comb- Used for finishing and for breeds that don't have thick coats.

Flea Comb - used to remove fleas and flea dirt.

Rake comb - Great for removing dead undercoat in long haired plush breeds (i.e. Shelties, Collies, Chow Chows, Samoyeds, etc..).

Shedding blade - Removes under coat in on German Shepherd Dogs, huskies, and breeds similar types of undercoat.

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