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We are balanced open-minded trainers who understand that a flexible dog training system in which you have more choices will give you the highest chance of success with each unique situation. The term system suggests order, regularity, and synchronization of methods into a comprehensive whole.

Our training programs are particularly effective for teaching new puppies the house rules. We use a lot of positive reinforcement training with our puppy development programs. This is so the puppy can start learning important lessons right from the beginning. Using positive reinforcement will also allow your pup to work for longer periods of time without being excessively affected by the negative effects of stress. Although we want to keep stress down during certain parts of the learning phase, we also need to teach the puppy how to deal with the stress encountered in daily life. Hence the stress tolerance exercises we incorporate into the training programs.

One of the main reasons people come to us is because they didn’t start training their dogs as puppies, and now the dog is displaying behavior the people find hard to live with. These behaviors range from minor annoyances to behaviors that threaten the household’s safety and security. Solving behavior problems can be difficult, our training system allows us to approach your dog’s problem from both an evolutionary and behavioral point of view. This is where understanding dog behavior as well as how to teach people about dogs really comes in handy. These are both things our head trainers are quite skilled at.

For those who are only interested in basic obedience training? We offer both the in-home training program and group dog training classes.

We practice a dog training system that incorporates into its training techniques a new to dog training success system that is derived from a four hundred year old Japanese approach to achieving ones full potential. This new systems approach is quite flexible and it can adapt to a wide variety of training situations.

What can be expected from this training? This new adaptive and integrated approach to training can teach you how to begin managing your dog’s behavior on your very first visit! Often by the end of the first lesson we can get a dog to quit pulling on the leash and dramatically improve their behavior in other areas.

That's the good news. The bad news is, other than the founder, Adaptive Dog Training is the only one authorized to use the Concepts In Dog Behavior® training system in the Orange County and Long Beach areas.

for more information you can visit the adaptive Dog Training pages at the website.
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