Dog kennels and how to Prepare your dog physically for Boarding
Preparation can make your dog's boarding experience more pleasurable. .
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A good boarding experience begins with medical and physical preparation.

Having your pet current and up-to-date on its vaccinations is the most important part of good medical preparation.

Vaccinations need to be given far enough in advance of the boarding experience to be effective. Most kennels require proof of vaccinations before they will board your pet. Make sure you have prepared copies of your pet's vaccinations and that you have them with you when you arrive at the boarding facility.

Getting the proper vaccinations is the most important medical preparation you can do for your pet. However vaccinations are not the only preventative medical steps one can take to insure a comfortable boarding experience.

Flea and tick preventative's can be very helpful while your dog is boarding and when it comes home. I once boarded my dog and afterwards our house had ticks until we had it fumigated for termites.

Another step to consider is a heartworm preventative. Even if you live in an area with few cases of heartworm. If your dog is staying in an indoor-outdoor kennel it has a greater chance of being exposed to mosquitos and dogs that may have been living in or visiting high risk areas.

Remember changing your dogs routine causes stress. An important part of your dogs daily routine is eating. Changing your dog's food can through your pet off its normal potty routine by causing diarrhea Once diarrhea starts in a high stress environment it can be difficult to control. Having diarrhea can also increase the overall or general stress of a dog.

A dog with diarrhea can also cause extra work for the kennel staff. Especially if the staff is over concerned about preventing the spread of contagious diseases. Many times I have sanitized the whole kennel because an owner gave their dog a special meal before it went off to the kennel. This can involve hours of extra work.

Before you board find out if the kennel will feed a diet you provide. Keep it simple or be prepared to pay extra.

If the kennel only feeds the house special try to gradually convert your dog to their food before boarding. I would suggest starting to switch your dog gradually to the new food two weeks before boarding.

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